Weighing scales product types

We have very vast product range of weighing scales. You can choose from this wide range of weighing scales to suit your domestic, and Industrial needs. In your business you may need very precise weighing scale. Some time you need very high capacity weighing machine. Sometimes you need weigh bridges for toll plaza or in your Industrial site of factory. We provide from jewellery scale to weigh bridge all affordable weighing solution with good service.

Comercial weighing scales

weighing_scale_imageWe provide wide range of weighing scales for commercial needs. We have very precice weighing machines of various accuracy. We have various weight range and different accuracy range to meet customer needs. We offer platform scales, jewellery scales etc.


Industrial weighing scales

industrial weighing scaleWe provide all types of Industrial weighing solutions to fit the requirements of different industries. It may be weighing solutions for iron industry, cement Industry, chemical industry or any other industry, we have the right answer to all your needs.



Weigh Bridge

weigh_bridgeSpartech engineering is specialised in weigh bridge installation. We design weigh bridge of various capacity and fabricate it. After site survey we arrange for installation of weigh bridge. We commission it and hand over to you.


Personal weighing scale

personal weighing scalePersonal weighing scale is the need of the hour for your home gym and hospital clinic. Now a days weight loss and dieting is in the vogue. Our weighing machine is an addition to your asset on your mission of weight loss.


Labs & Analytical scales

labs_tank_weighing_scaleWe provide laboratory weighing solutions for school college and chemical Industries. Machines are fabricated to give cleanliness and high accracy.



High accuracy weights

We have a range of high accuracy weights. These weights are used when you need very high degree of accuracy in weighing.

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